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The Team

MarkMark Schwanke | Director of Services Delivery and Customer Happiness

After spending numerous years fighting to make corporations more customer-centric, Mark decided that Small Businesses would be more receptive incorporating strategies and solutions to delight their customers. With expertise in optimizing customer support in large organizations through non-traditional means, he works to connect experts to a common goal. Driven by improving processes, collecting feedback and optimizing experience Mark works tirelessly to provide premier customer experiences. He’s a geek who enjoys tearing something apart, not because it is broken, but simply because he wants to know how it works. Yeah, he enjoys flashy gadgets and the latest tech blogs(you might even find him mentioned in some in the last few years) but you’d also catch him unplugged on a midwestern lake, hours from the closest large city. He’s the customer at the local coffee shop who puts his laptop down when he hears your pressing issue and makes it his own. Whether you’re looking for a new logo, a new website or even just some advice on how to improve your customer service dilemmas, Mark is ready to step up and assist.