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Do you only do WordPress websites?
Yes, we currently only build and support WordPress websites. This has been the only platform that has allowed us to keep our incredible flat-fee prices.
Can you convert Adobe PhotoShop Documents (.PSD) into WordPress?
Yes we can! Many of our Agency Resellers use us in this way. They provide a PSD and we turn that PSD into an amazing WordPress website.
What about Hosting?

Our support packages all include shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disc space.

You do have the option to not host with us and here is how those packages look.

  • Custom Website with no hosting but Flat-Fee Support Package: $1500 + $50 per month
  • Custom Website with no Hosting and no Flat-Fee Support Package: $2000 Flat Fee.
Do I have to have the support package?
No, having a support package is not required. If you prefer not to have the support package the one-time fee will be $2000 and you have the choice to host with us at nominal fee or host elsewhere.
What are the time frames?
You can see our development process here.
Do we get access to the hosting and files?
Yes! You have full control over all the creative files and hosting access. We have no desire to hold you or your client hostage. We prefer to keep you as a customer by providing you an amazing service.
Can we move an existing WordPress site to your support?

Yes you can!

Before doing so we will review the website and confirm if we are able to move and support it.

Are your sites Mobile Responsive?
Yes! All our sites are built to be mobile responsive.

By request we do also make standard sites. Some clients choose to pair this with a Mobile website.

Can you convert a website to the WordPress platform?

Yes we can!

Many times you or your client love(s) their website design but hate(s) that it doesn’t have a content management system or hate(s) the content management system it currently has.

We will need to review each site before making the switch, but are happy to take a look.

How will we communicate?
You’ll have direct contact with one of our project managers. We’ll handle most exchanges via email but we’ll hop on the phone if the need arises. We’re here to make you satisfied.
I'm a Reseller...Will you talk with my client?
As a private label service provider we have no contact with your clients at all. Our prices are set to deal with you and your agency only.
How much will a variation of my logo cost?
Some clients want to put a variation of their website logo on clothing or vehicles. We can provide a variation of the source file for usage on offline media. We aim to provide this at a nominal cost whenever possible.
How much would a second logo cost from the 6 concepts?
Provided there are not any additional edits to the second logo, we can offer it at a discounted rate. Additional logos or edits to additional concepts are billed at the normal flat-fee.
Do you offer volume discounts?
We work diligently to offer high quality products at an affordable price with a quick turnaround. For this reason we do not provide volume discounts. We’ll be glad to discuss your individual situation.
Can I get a refund?
Refunds cannot be provided once a project has started.
How many days until we see our 6 logo concepts?
Typically 3-5 business days from when the initial deposit is made.
How many days until we see our website concept?
Typically 7 business days from when the form is submitted.
How long does it take to build a website?
Check out Our Process to see an approximate schedule.
Do you provide Email Support?
We recommend using Google Apps for email. It is easy to keep your existing email address while gaining all the benefits of Gmail. For a nominal cost per user you get a great experience.
Do you provide Metrics on how my site performs?
We get you set up on Google Analytics so you can log in* and see how your website is performing. Providing reports from Google Analytics is not included in the monthly support fee.
*A Gmail or Google Apps Account is required.
What Invoicing System do you use?
FreshBooks We use Freshbooks to send your one-time invoices and your monthly invoices. You get easy to understand invoices with the flexibility of multiple payment options. Click the link to try it our for yourself.


Hopefully we’ve answered your questions. If we’ve missed any, please feel free to fill out the form to the right.